Property and Evidence Unit

Sheriff's BadgeThe Property/Evidence Unit provides safe storage for all items seized by Lane County deputies.  This unit stores items of evidence, found property and property identified as “safe keeping”.  One property/evidence specialist and one supervisor are responsible for the receiving, preservation, release, and in some cases the destruction of all items received.  The property/evidence specialist and the supervisor are trained in storage techniques to ensure the integrity of the evidence and hold certifications through the International Association of Property and Evidence.  A computerized inventory and coding system is employed to maintain detailed records that are necessary for presentation of evidence in court and preserve the chain of custody.

Property is released by appointment only.  You must call the Property/Evidence unit at 541-682-4332 to request an appointment.  Our hours are Monday-Friday, 9 am to 4 pm, excluding holidays.

Storage and Retrieval Facts

Evidence:  Please wait at least 30 days after the adjudication of your case to contact the Property/Evidence unit for release information.  If we have your name and current address at the time the receipt for the property was given, you will receive a letter from the unit notifying you to make an appointment to retrieve your property.

Safekeeping:  Items will be held for 60 days for pick-up by the owners.  After 60 days, the items will be destroyed.

Weapons:  Prior to any weapons being released, a background check will be performed to ascertain your eligibility to receive the weapons.

Unclaimed Ad

The Lane County Sheriff’s Office periodically posts an unclaimed property listing or unclaimed ad. Items with no known owner or an owner who we are unable to contact will be listed. In order to claim an item, an Unclaimed Property Claim Form must be submitted to the Sheriff’s Office before the listed deadline.  Please see current unclaimed property page.

Property Not Returned to Owner

Due to different circumstances, some property can never be returned to its owner.  This property was found or recovered with no owner identification and will ultimately be destroyed or auctioned at Adesa Northwest or another auctioneer at the discretion of the department.

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