Zumwalt Park


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Zumwalt Park is a 58-acre park located on the west of Fern Ridge Reservoir. It is highly popular for walking, birding, and other passive recreation.   

The Friends of Zumwalt Park maintain the grounds at Zumwalt Park. To learn more about park history and the Friends of Zumwalt Park, visit their website.  

Lane County Dog Leash Regulations

Lane Code:    6.450.540, 7.005, 7.005.110, 7.005.140

At Zumwalt Park all dogs must be under "Immediate Control".

In Lane County, no dog owner shall permit a dog to be at large.  
“Dog-at-Large” means a dog off the premises of the owners property and NOT under the owner's immediate control.

So what exactly is "immediate control"? Immediate = done at once or done instantly, and control = the restriction of activity and the power to restrain.  A leash is one form of immediate control. A dog who instantly obeys audible commands, is likely under immediate control. An unleased dog who is out of ear shot, will likely not be in under immediate control.

A dog owner, whose dog runs at large, commits a Class C violation if the dog has been spayed/neutered or a Class B violation if the dog is fertile. Plus, a dog owner is deemed to be negligent per se for the actions of a dog at large when the dog causes injury to a person or property.

No County Park is an "off-leash park". 

At Armitage Park two fenced areas are provide for dogs to be off-leash, and they must still abide by the rules for safe conduct.
Park Information 
Open year-round
Day Use open dawn - dusk 

Fee and Payment Information
Day Pass or Annual Pass required
Pay via credit card with onsite fee machine or download the Passport Parking App to pay from your smartphone. 

Parking pass information for all parks PDF

Trail Map PDF

Volunteer Information 
Get involved in Volunteer Program with Lane County Parks and help keep our parks safe and clean for all people to recreate. 

Contact Us 
To reserve at this location visit our Reservation Website or contact Parks Email | Phone at 541-682-2000.


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Long Tom Watershed
Adjacent Water Body: Fern Ridge Reservoir