Lane County's American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funded projects

Lane County has received over $110 million in American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds to help recover from the pandemic. ARPA funds have come to Lane County through direct allocations, the State of Oregon, and competitive grants.

Little house with heart inside

Housing ($22 Million)

- Rent Assistance $11.5M
- Utility, Weatherization, and Water Assistance $5.2M
- Permanent Supportive Housing $440k
- BIPOC Homeownership Seed Fund $522k*
- Land purchase for affordable housing $1.5M*
- Peace Village by SquareOne Villages $750k*
- Veteran's housing by St. Vincent de Paul $500k*
- Holiday Farm Fire Permit Services $1.5M

             A tent in the woods.

  Homelessness ($13.8M)

- Shelter & Navigation Services for People Experiencing Homelessness $4.6M

- City of Eugene Shelter and Land Acquisition $3.25M*
- City of Eugene Rest Stops $250k*
- Homeless Street Outreach Services $2.5M
- Housing and Homeless System Operations $2M
- Pallet Shelters $750k*
- Landlord Engagement Program $75k*
- Mobile Crisis Response $400k*         

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Aid to Nonprofits and
Economic Development ($9.1M)

- ARPA Community Grants $3M
- Homeless Service Provider Network Capacity Building $1.4M
- Nonprofit Capacity Building $100k*
- Looking Glass Youth Services Staff Retention $580k*
- Cottage Theatre Capacity Expansion $75k*
- South Lane Family Relief Nursery $180k*
- FOOD for Lane County Warehouse Expansion $2.1M*
- Rebuilding the Vida McKenzie Community Center $480k*
McKenzie School District gymnasium moisture remediation $500k* 
- Huerto de la Familia Business Resource Navigation Services $150k
- Lane Workforce Partnership Career and Technical Education $130k
- Oregon Manufacturing Extension Partnership $200k
- Oregon Regional Accelerator and Innovation Network (RAIN) $242k

          Heart beating

 Public Health ($8.4M)

-  Lane County Stabilization Center Facility Development & Services $7M
- South Lane Community Health Clinic Development $250k
- Public Health Equity and Resiliency Project $225k*
- South Lane Dental Clinic $20k*
- Charnelton Clinic Renovation $846k (ARP Capital/C8E award)
- Youth Suicide Prevention $165k

          Sheriff Star
Public Safety ($17.5M)

- Lane County Adult Corrections Facility & Technology Upgrade $17.5M

               Blue government building with columns

COVID Response and Government Services ($19.7M)

- Youth Services Equity Work $103k*
- COVID Expansion Deputy Medical Legal Death Investigator $371k 
- Sheriff’s Office- Portable UV Disinfecting Lights Equipment $236k 
- Refrigeration Trailer for Emergency Morgue Capacity $85k 
- Leased Morgue Space for Refrigeration Trailer $3k 
- ARP Administration Contract Management $2.8M
- Essential Services & Workforce Stabilization $2.7M 
- Facilities- Capital Project Management for ARPA Funded Projects $407k 
- H&HS- Administrative Capacity to Respond to Grant Opportunities $1M
- HR- COVID-19 Policy Research and Implementation $105k 
- HR- Workforce Development Talent Acquisition Support $240k 
- TS- Facilities and Construction Support for New Projects $413k
- Lane County Financial Stabilization $9.7M
- Courtroom Digital Modernization $1.1M 
- Countywide Grant Administration Software $450k

         Water Drop

 Infrastructure ($19.7M)

- Lane County Parks Water & Sewer Infrastructure $4.27M
- McKenzie River Valley Water System Replacement $15.5M (OBDD grant)

*= State of Oregon ARPA Allocation through HB5006 (2021)