Current Projects & Plans Under Development

Active Construction Projects:

Construction activities are beginning soon. For more information on road delays and construction throughout the year in Lane County, visit ODOT's TripCheck site.

Row River Deep Culvert

This project is to replace four culverts under Row River Road. The culverts have collapsed and need to be replaced to avoid further risk to the road. If left unrepaired, the collapsed culverts could lead to a slide and long-term closures. Most of these culverts are buried deep in the ground, around 40 feet. This requires major construction and total road closures to fix.

More information here.

Coburg Road and North Game Farm Road Pavement Preservation

Traffic loads and environmental elements over time have contributed to the deterioration of sections of two important connector roads: Coburg Road and North Game Farm Road. Pavement preservation treatment will be used to slow the structural decline. The project will enhance safe transportation facilities and operations, and prevent more costly repairs in the future

More information here.

Active Maintenance Projects:

Road maintenance is an important part of keeping our roadways in good repair and extending their useful life. For more information about closures and delays, visit TripCheck

Chip Seal Projects

Chip seal is a pavement preservation treatment composed of a thin layer of liquid asphalt applied to the existing road surface, followed immediately by a layer of crushed and compacted rock. After the chip seal has set for a few days, a final topcoat (fog seal) will be applied to seal the asphalt and rock mixture. This process is widely used to increase the durability and lifespan of rural roads.

The Lane County Road Maintenance Division will begin chip seal projects in July. See a list of affected roads.

Undergoing Planning and Design: 

Transportation Planning is in the process of developing new projects that will improve safety, access, and mobility for all Lane County residents.

Gilham Road

Lane County secured federal grant funding in response to the Northeast Neighbor’s request for sidewalks on North Gilham Road. This funding is being used to construct sidewalks on both sides of the road between Ayres Road and Ashbury Drive, and to construct a sidewalk on the west side of the road between Ashbury Drive and Don Juan Avenue

More information here.

30th Avenue

Lane County drafted a design concept for making East 30th Avenue between Agate Street and McVay Highway safer for all modes of travel. In December of 2022, Lane County staff presented the draft recommendation to the Lane County Board of County Commissioners, who unanimously approved the East 30th Avenue design concept.

More information here.

Laura Street Upgrade

Laura Street is located in west Springfield, between Harlow Rd and OR-126. The Laura St. Upgrade project will construct street improvements, including sidewalks, ADA ramps, bike lanes, curbs, stormwater facilities, and new pavement.  The project limits are the fully-improved segment to the north (intersecting Harlow Rd) and the existing sidewalks to the south (adjacent to 2095 Laura St).

More information here.

Hayden Bridge Seismic Retrofit

Hayden Bridge is located in northeast Springfield and carries Marcola Rd across the McKenzie River. Marcola Rd is the primary access to the Mohawk River valley. The Hayden Bridge Seismic Retrofit project will add structural elements to the bridge to improve its resilience to earthquakes. The project is specifically designed for the bridge to survive and remain operational following a magnitude 9.0 Cascadia Subduction Zone event.

More information here.

Goodpasture Covered Bridge Retrofit

Goodpasture Covered Bridge crosses the McKenzie River near Vida, about 20 miles east of Springfield. The bridge provides sole access for more than 80 residences and a large area of forest lands.

The structure is timber and therefore at higher risk from fire. The 2020 Holiday Farm Fire came very close to the bridge, which was saved by fire suppression efforts. This project is expected to include fire mitigation measures, such as sprinklers or fire-resistant materials.

More information here.

OR-225: OR-126 to End of City Jurisdiction

OR-225 (Franklin Blvd) is located in the Glenwood area of Springfield, south of OR-126 (Franklin Blvd). This project will create an engineering design concept for improving the OR-225 corridor, from OR-126 to where it approaches a railroad overpass, which is the south end of City of Springfield jurisdiction. This project is owned by the City but will be delivered by Lane County as an agency certified to deliver Federal-Aid highway projects.

More information here.

Territorial Highway (Gillespie Corners - Lorane)

Lane County has been working with the community to improve the safety of the portion of Territorial Highway located between Lorane Highway (the area known as Gillespie Corners) and Cottage-Grove-Lorane Highway (the area known as the town of Lorane). The Board adopted a Corridor Plan in 2019 which established a community-preferred design concept for reconstructing the corridor. Construction at Stony Point was completed in 2021.
This is an ongoing project.

More information here.

Territorial Highway (Veneta-Elmira Path)

Lane County has been working with the City of Veneta for over a decade to improve bicycle and pedestrian safety on Territorial Highway between Veneta and the unincorporated community of Elmira. Both the City of Veneta Transportation System Plan (TSP) and the Lane County TSP recommend a multi-use path be constructed on the west side of Territorial Highway between Veneta and Elmira. This connection is critical for residents of the rural community of Elmira to access goods and services in the City of Veneta and for residents of Veneta to access the three public schools in Elmira.

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Completed Projects:

Lane County has completed various transportation projects. Some of these completed projects are below.

North Park and Maxwell

Lane County secured federal grant funding in response to the Eugene 4J School District’s request for pedestrian safety improvements for students of Howard Elementary and Colin Kelly Middle schools. These funds were used to construct missing sidewalks on the east side of North Park Avenue, from Maxwell Road to Howard Avenue, and to improve the crosswalk at North Park Avenue and Maxwell Road.

More information here.

Lowell Sidewalk Project

Thanks to grant funding provided by the Oregon Department of Transportation Safe Routes to School program, and in partnership with the City of Lowell, Lane County constructed sidewalks to improve safety for children walking to Lundy Elementary, as well as Lowell Senior and Junior High School.

More information here.

Spring Creek Traffic Calming

Lane County developed its first traffic calming pilot on Spring Creek Drive. The project came about after County staff received requests from community members for speed cushions in the Santa Clara and River Road neighborhoods. Staff also heard concerns about speeding that was taking place outside of Awbrey Park Elementary School.
More information here.

Community Powered Road Projects

Rural communities use Lane County roads every day to access critical resources like getting to school, work, or grocery stores. To improve safety for everyone traveling, Lane County has identified roads that need shoulder widening.

More information here.


Lane County has been working with the community to address the lack of safe walking and bicycling infrastructure on Beaver Street and Hunsaker Lane. The Board adopted the Beaver-Hunsaker Corridor Plan in 2017, which established a community-preferred design concept for reconstructing the corridor.

This project was completed in partnership with the City of Eugene. Please visit their project webpage to learn more about the City's role.

More information here.