Technology Management Team


The function of this committee is broad based, to provide recommendations to the Board regarding the following:
(a) Establish ongoing mission vision and direction for Lane County Technology Services.
(b) Review and monitor the current policies to insure the existence of an effective use of technology.
(c) Review and monitor the development and implementation of a multi-year strategic plan for technology.
(d) Review new technologies that offer opportunities to increase economy and efficiency in County operations, and champion those technologies with the Board of Commissioners.
(e) Review any other proposals having a technological impact on county operations.

Meeting Schedule

Technology Management Team meets twice a year - in January and June. This meeting occurs on the 4th week of each month.


Three department directors (or designees), representative of the largest users of the services of the Department of Technology Services.
One department director not included in above.
The Director of the Department of Technology Services.
The County Administrator.
Two Lane County Board of Commissioners.
Other Non-Voting Participants.
Interested department managers.
Computer Services Managers with the consent of the committee.

Membership Term

Commissioners appointed through annual committee assignments process at the Board. Staff members serve indefinite terms).


Two members of the Lane County Board of Commissioners shall be appointed as a representative to this committee.

Expiration Date



Either through the annual committee assignments process at the Board (Commissioner Representative) or vote of committee (county staff committee members).

Technology Management Team is a standing committee. The County sees a need for standing committees to advise the Board of Commissioners or the County Administrator in areas of interest of the County. Each standing committee shall provide an annual report to the Board by February of each year that highlights the progress, successes and challenges of the committee.   

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