Construction & Demolition

C&D materials separated for recycling

Lane County requires all loads of construction and demolition materials measuring six cubic yards or more to be separated for recycling or delivered to a materials recovery facility (MRF) for sorting.

EcoSort (541) 726-7552 |

This requirement applies to Glenwood and Short Mountain ONLY. Loads that DO NOT contain the targeted recyclable materials can be disposed of as usual. The targeted materials are:

• Cardboard
• Metal
• Recoverable wood
• Rubble
• Yard debris

These materials are recyclable at the Glenwood transfer station and other facilities in the community. View a map of all facilities in Lane County that accept C&D materials. Visit to find recyclers.

Deconstruction project for Cottage Grove farmhouse

A county-owned historic home recently underwent sustainable deconstruction work. 

A crew from Conscious Craft Construction carefully deconstructed the dilapidated home in the fall of 2023, salvaging as many materials as possible for reuse and even preserving artifacts such as personal letters and old bottles found in the wall.

Conscious Craft Construction was one of a handful of construction contractors who attended a 16-hour deconstruction training led by the 
Building Deconstruction Institute. This training was an effort to inspire and educate local contractors about sustainable practices in the industry.

Cottage Grove Deconstruction Pictures

Cottage Grove Deconstruction Pictures

Cottage Grove Deconstruction Pictures