Prohibited Waste

Electronic Waste
These items are banned from the garbage by Oregon law ORS 459.247 and for the safety of our operators.

Asbestos-Containing Materials
Automotive Batteries
Computers & Monitors
Hot/Burning Materials
Liquid Wastes
Medical Sharps
Medical Waste
Motor Oil

Lane County transfer stations collect motor oil, car batteries and electronics at no charge. Fees for other items may be required to offset the cost of recycling.

Why it is Important to Recycle Lithium Batteries?

Lithium Ion batteries
Lane County Waste Management offers free recycling of lithium batteries at all transfer stations.

Lithium batteries are compact, lightweight batteries that hold considerable charge and fare well under constant discharge-recharge conditions. The batteries are found everywhere—in laptop computers, cameras, cell phones, and electric cars.

Contained inside the batteries is a flammable electrolyte, this helps keep your laptop or cell phone charged, but when put under the right (or wrong) conditions, batteries can ignite and create fires. This poses serious risks to garbage haulers, processing facilities and our local landfill!

Lithium batteries are dangerous and do not go into the garbage. Keep electronics and rechargeable batteries out of the landfill!