Ditch the Disposables

Ditch the Disposables

Ditch the Disposables

Disposable items like wet wipes, razors, paper towels, water bottles, and plastic utensils have become so ingrained in our daily habits that we don’t realize that these products contribute to more waste and pollution. Manufacturing disposable products uses natural resources, energy and water which contribute to climate change.

Since pollution and waste happen when products are manufactured, every time you avoid buying or using a disposable item — you're taking a step toward living well without waste.

Take the pledge and commit to reducing single-use plastic, paper and other disposable items. It's easy to switch to a reusable product in your every day life.


Businesses Pledge to Ditch!

Lane Transit District employees pledge to Ditch the Disposables!

Why Are Reusables Better Than Disposables?

Did you know?

500 million straws are used and discarded
every day in the United States alone. That’s 175 billion each year sent to landfills or creating litter on streets, waterways and oceans.  More info available here. 

Annually 500 billion plastic bags are used worldwide. Reduce your use of disposable plastic bags,  instead opt for a reusable bag.

Pulp that makes paper is the third largest industrial polluter
to air, water and land in the United States  — reduce your use of disposable paper products (i.e., cups, towels, napkins, plates).

Plastic forks are not recyclable.
50% or more of the plastic we use is used once and then throw away. Reduce your use of disposable plastic utensils, instead opt for bamboo or steel utensils.