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The Community Health Council is a Mandated Committee. Mandated Committees are an advisory body to the Board of Commissioners, appointed by the Board. The existence charge and sometimes the composition of the committee is controlled by the enabling legislation. (Lane Manual 3.505).


Provides input and feedback to generally advise development, implementation and evaluation of Community Health Centers of Lane County (CHCLC) programs.

Meeting Schedule

Meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of each month from 5:15 pm to 7:00 pm. The meetings are held virtually and in person at 151 W 7th Avenue, Eugene, Oregon in Conference Room 258.


(9 to 15) The Council shall have 9 to 15 members. Representation is from consumers, health care providers, and community representatives as follows: 51% are individuals who are served by the CHCLC and representative with respect to demographic factors. 49% are representative of the CHCLC catchment area who have expertise in community affairs, local government, finance, legal affairs, trade unions, commercial or industrial concerns, or social service agencies. Read more...


4 years, ending June 30.

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The Community Health Council has openings for consumer members. 

Committee Vacancy Notice
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For Information on All Current Committee Vacancies: View the Committee Vacancy Notice

Note: You may submit an application at any time. Applications are kept for 12 months from the date the application is received and will be considered should a vacancy occur within that time frame. Application forms are also available in the Board of Commissioners office, Public Service Building, 125 E. 8th Avenue, Eugene.



Jorjie Arden

Jorgie Arden   Council President
Health Council member since January 2017

“I joined the Health Council because I have a desire to make a difference in the community in which I live. I am a native Oregonian, the 9th of 11 children, born and raised in west Lane County.  An inveterate student, I hold degrees in Anthropology and in Public Health. Though I am a busy single mother raising 2 daughters with special needs, I still find time to lead a Girl Scout troop, mentor for FIRST Lego League, and attend conferences and committees related to diversity, health, and wellness. I am an avid gardener and foodie, and spend most of free time outdoors, enjoying nature.”

Tara DaVee

Tara DaVee
  Health Council member since 2019

Health Council member bio will be available shortly.

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Caitlynn Hatteras


Council Treasurer
Health Council member since 2020

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Emma Knight

Emma Knight  

Health Council member since 2019
“I joined the Health Council with a background in serving community health centers.  I was the Long Range Planning Committee Chair and 5-year board member at Communicare Health Centers of Yolo County, California before joining the CHC in Lane County.  While working with the board in California, I founded and taught classes through the Yolo County Cloth Diaper Program, organizing a monthly distribution of free cloth diapers and education for patients and community members of need. I began working with Federally Qualified Health Centers to help advocate for the needs of a diverse population while also providing frequent input to the board with suggestions for how to promote access to quality healthcare for all who need it.  I am an educator, and have taught diverse students in Hawaii, California, China (online), and Oregon.  I am an advocate for LGBT rights and equal access for all.  I live in an intentional co-housing community, cares for farm animals and children and a large organic garden, and loves to preserve foods in myriad ways.” 

Aaron Mantell

Aaron Mantell   Council Secretary

Health Council member since 2019

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Howard Mitchell

  Health Council member since 2021

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Silver Mogart

Silver Mogart   Health Council member since 2016

“I joined the Health Council because health issues are very important to me. Being Latino, I wanted to share my perspective on health from my community.

I grew up in Los Angeles California and my hobbies include doing stand-up comedy. I am also a police commissioner for the Eugene Police Department.”

Peter Patricelli, MD


Health Council member since March 2017

 “During my 45 years of practice the wheres and hows of who gets what quality of medical care, and the impact of the sociology of the American System on health, has evolved as much or more than the medical advancements of how we treat diseases. On the whole we have the most expensive medical system in the developed world AND the least effective. The inequity and disparity of who benefitted from the advances of modern medicine was simply too much for me to ignore. After my “first” retirement from private practice I continued to work on a part time basis for the Community Health Centers of Lane County  for 8 years. When I felt full retirement was in order, continuing to serve as a CHC Health Council member to ensure and expand access to medical care for all was the logical alternative.

I grew up in Seattle, attended college and medical school in Boston, but quickly returned to the northwest to raise a family. I am known almost as much for my hobbies, fishing, writing, and photography as I am for my medical work, which included being medical director of the Sacred Heart Adolescent Recovery Program (SHARP), an inpatient drug and alcohol treatment program for adolescents for 13 years.”

Rich Swanson



Council Vice President
Health Council member since 2015

 “I joined the Council because I was made aware of the opportunity, and the need for consumer members. It felt like the right thing to do, and a good way to contribute to the community. I do housesitting and pet care.  I have been in Eugene since 1974. I do a lot of walking and juggling, often at the same time. When sitting, I am probably watching movies or playing video games.”