Advisory Committees and Boards

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Advisory committees and boards play an ongoing, vital role in advising the Board of Commissioners on issues ranging from health and public safety, land use and management, economic concerns, County services, and more. Our community benefits from the participation of hundreds of individuals volunteering their time and knowledge.

Applications are accepted at any time even if there is no current opening. Your application is kept for one year and will be considered by the committee you apply to should an opening occur.

Community Councils and Organizations

Watershed councils and chartered community organizations are voluntary local groups recognized by County government who operate independently butperiodically report to oradvise the Board of Commissioners on topics pertinent to the groups' respective purpose. Watershed councils address the goal of sustaining natural resources, and watershed protection and enhancement, and community organizations address local issues involving a defined geographic area.



Committee Application Forms

Advisory Committee Application Form

Equity Program Advisory Board 

Planning Commission Advisory Committee Application Form

Board of Property Tax Appeals Application

Advisory Committee application forms and committee vacancy notices are also available in the Board of Commissioners office of the Public Service Building, 125 East 8th Avenue, Eugene.

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